Bespoke campaigns

Inbound Customer Service and Outbound Sales

  • USA/Canada Sales Campaigns
  • UK Sales Campaigns
  • USA / UK Telemarketing

What we are offering you:

  1. Agent (Agents with over 3 months experience within the call center industry)
  2. Team leader/Supervisor
  3. Calling station
  4. Reports (At the end of every shift, with calls dispositions and other reports that may be required)
  5. Script (Reviewed of the script for the success of the campaign)
  6. Training (Coaching one – one with the agents, rebuttals and objections the agents may have)
  7. Calling hours (According to the type of campaign and country)
  8. ISP (Internet service provider)
  9. Dialer and VoIP
  • Full voice recording
  • Private cloud-based technology platform (Full flexibility and international connectivity via private network)

Pilot with minimum 5 agents and increase after that

Client would need to provide:

  • Script
  • Data (to be discussed where it’s coming from)
  • Sign agreement and terms of the campaign
  • Proof of payment