Sambora is the Amerindian name for a special drum used by both Arawaks and Caribs in earlier times, to communicate. Today Sambora communicates through the use of fiber optic cables, computers, VOIP and cloud based technology to reach the world over.

Sambora’s Logo depicts the Sambora drum, active hands and vibrant sound waves in an array of meaningful colours.

The conservative dark blue of the Sambora Drum denotes our reliability and consistency.

The green hands encapsulate the active involvement of management and the rich natural resources of the land, highlighting the sustainability of our rainforest.

The yellow reflects our natural resources, vibrancy, freshness, innovation and a South American vitality.

And the overall design points to clarity of vision and purpose.  The strap line, never misses a beat, captures the essence of Sambora.

The right technology is a critical part of the “new on-shore”.

We were determined to get the best, to ensure reliability and the scope to take on all forms of business ahead.  So we negotiated with the national telecommunications carrier (GT&T) for the provision of a dedicated fiber optic link from Georgetown to Miami.  We then agreed with our UK provider  and Shareholder Air 21, a further dedicated fiber optic link from Miami to London, and the provision of ‘Cloud- based Technology’ that would allow us to develop a full multi-media and analytical capability.