Why Guyana

Bordered by Venezuela, Brazil, Suriname and the Atlantic lies Guyana, a nearshore Contact Centre with benefits as follows:

  • The only English speaking country in South America
  • English is Guyana’s first and only language
  • Extensive broadband capacity
  • Young University educated workforce, ages 20-30
  • On US Eastern Time Zone (-4GMT) NEARSHORE
  • Direct flight from Miami to Georgetown 4.5 hours
  • Direct flight from New York to Georgetown 5.5 hours
  • Direct flight from Toronto to Georgetown 6.5 hours
  • Close proximity to Trinidad and Barbados
  • Total Government support for the Contact Centre industry

Our people

Our staff have a cultural affinity to North America since we are always looking to provide quality and compliance being this the heart of our business.

Our young University educated workforce between the ages of 20-30, are easy to work with since they are open and approachable for new business and ideas. At Sambora Communications we pride ourselves by having an experienced management team with over 100 years combined managing contact centers.